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Hello to you! Welcome, in the name of Jesus, to our introductions page – about us, and other ministries we’d love to bring to your attention.

“MIR” is the Croatian word for “peace” and is the inspiration behind what we do. MSM is a young ministry, a work in progress, dedicated to spreading the GOOD NEWS – the Word of God.

Founded by us, Carol & Alex, we want to share with others the joy of having a relationship with God and what it means to have Jesus as the anchor in our lives.

We are of Celtic origin, as Carol is Irish and Alex is Scottish. We are both passionate about creation and our faith in Christ, incorporating these passions into the everyday products we design and develop. We also like to introduce other great people and ministries with wonderful testimonies of how God has changed them, in order to change the lives of others.

As our ministry grows, we want to help reach those in our community who need it most. With your help, and by buying from us, we can do this. So thank you!

Whether you are a seeking to find God, or want to get to know Him more, we encourage you to keep on the path! There is no greater gift.

Here (below) are people who are doing a wonderful work. We encourage you to check them out!
If you would like to share your testimony and would like us to link you in to our site, please let us know!

John Edwards – Walking free - reaching out to those who are addicts or recovering addicts. John’s own life was saved because of his relationship with Jesus. He now ministers throughout the world and if you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, we encourage you to check out his ministry.

Nick Vujicic – Life without limbs - an incredible person who gives hope to thousands of people worldwide, and through his own disability, brings people closer to Jesus. His testimony will touch your heart.

Rev. John Wholley – I am with you Foundation - Fr. John passed on in October 2008 but his legacy lives with us. John has given us wonderful writing for everyday life and we encourage you to read and listen to his work that is available at his website.

Dr. Kevin Leman - an award winning psychologist who helps with issues on marriages and parenting. Dr. Leman is a very down to earth guy who offers insightful tools for marriage and parenting. Mr Leman is also a devoted Christian and provides practical ways of dealing with the everyday issues that we all have to deal with.

Pilgrim homes - a Christian charity aimed at helping the aged in our society. This is a wonderful foundation that helps the elderly, who can be sometimes be neglected by society.

Sr. Briege McKenna - Sr. Briege was cured of critical illness during prayer with Jesus. Her incredible journey is recalled in her book “Miracles do happen”. Sr. Briege is doing wonderful work throughout the world, and we encourage you to read her book or check out her schedule to see if she might be coming to your area.

Venus magazine - Evidence of change, a ministry headed by Charlene E. Cothran, dedicated to helping those struggling with Homosexuality. Charlene has a wonderful testimony where God took her from a life of of same sex relationships. She has now left that life behind her through the Word of God and dedicates her life to helping those struggling with their sexuality.



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